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8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Emergency Hours: 

​If it is an Emergency, 

Call us and leave a detailed message. 

​706-987-7011 - abest.locksmith@yahoo.com


A Locksmith always remembers his public trust. With him rests the security of property and fortune. As a public guardian, he shuns the dishonest, the wicked and the avaricious. For thousands of years, he and his predecessors have placed trust and honor above temptation. His honesty is incorruptible. His allies are the custodians of law and order. He is an artist at his trade and the symbol of skill and integrity to the world. - M. Leonard Singer. 1915 - 1987 4th Gen. 

I am a Locksmith. Sometimes you call me when your keys are locked in your car. You are frustrated by the inconvenience and expense of having to call me. But when you call, I will be right there with the tools and training to resolve your problem without damaging your car.
I'm there when you lose all your car keys and you didn't save the code tags. I pull down the steering column to remove the ignition. I read the code numbers on the lock and make you a new key to get you on your way. I am a Locksmith. I am available to cut you a new key when the one you got at the hardware store doesn't work. I'll install a new deadbolt for you when yours fails to work.


I am your Locksmith. I take my profession very seriously. In the best of all worlds, you'd call me to repair your locks before someone took advantage of them. In my dreams, people realize that a locking door knob is not enough protection for them and their family. I'd love you to call me for a deadbolt before someone rips off your doorknob with a pipe wrench. I am a businessman, a diplomat, and a locksmith. I spend my entire career trying to help you keep out the bad guys. Sickness is the enemy of the doctor. And the criminal is the enemy of the locksmith. I will be there to help you after the break-in. But it will bother me to know that a little security would have prevented your loss. I will be there to help you protect what is yours. I offer products and services to help secure cars, homes, businesses and more. I read trade magazines and belong to associations so I can learn more about how to protect you. My whole profession is sworn to protect and secure the property and safety of the public. Of course you can call me after a loss. But I would rather be there first to help prevent that loss. Criminals offend me. Your security is very sacred to me.  - Thank you for taking the time to read the creed. A. A. C.